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Community Notice [Jul. 11th, 2008|08:42 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored


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tommywestphall  is now open to posts by all members of the community.

New Community Information is available on the community's profile page and copied below.

New Members are welcome, but will need to be accepted by the moderator.

Posting by your maintainers has dried up in the last twelve months, while discussion continued in old threads. Any information posted there may be transfered into new community posts, allowing all members an opportunity to discuss these crossover connections.

This new policy is designed to encourage up-to-date discussion.

Community Information: (11/07/08)

- </a></b></a>tommywestphall is now a moderated community: memberships need to be accepted
- Posting access has been granted to all community members, but each post needs to be approved by the moderator
- Posts need to remain On Topic: this means - television shows already linked to the Tommy Westphall Universe OR further connections to the Tommy Westphall Universe
- A full list of up-to-date connections to the Tommy Westphall Universe can be downloaded here (this list will continue to be updated, where the above site will remain static)
- The moderator's decision is final. We want to broaden the discussion by opening posting access to the community, but the decision of whether a post will be added or a link included on the spreadsheet is made by mods alone (healthy discussion in the forums can sway them, unhealthy discussion will not be tolerated)

The old versions of the Westphall Universe PDFs will remain accessible for downloading, but will not be updated in the near future.

I do plan on continuing to update this spreadsheet list of Tommy Westphall shows, though even now it is almost twelve months out-of-date. Future posts by all community members should seek to flesh out this list.

Thanks for your attention.

ETA: The Law & Order spreadsheet has been updated for the upcoming 19th season, scheduled to air in 2009.

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