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Another Homicide Crossover [May. 27th, 2009|10:01 am]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
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According to Tom Myers'  LO:SVU site, the season finale will guest star Carol Kane reprising her role of Gwen Munch, one of John´s ex-wives who appeared previously in H:LOTS ep. #85 ("All is Bright"), way back in 1997.

This is what makes that whole crossover business so interesting.

From: tele_toby
2009-06-30 08:50 am (UTC)
Are any of these shows in the official list yet?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Hidden Palms
Prison Break
Without a Trace

Because if so, we can add the new HBO series "Hung" to the list. All of those shows have in common the use of Finder-Spyder, a search engine. And in the pilot episode of "Hung", Ray used Finder-Spyder to do research on what it takes to be a gigolo.....

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