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Tommy Westphall's Mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2010|02:43 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored


While the Westphall site remains static, people keep finding Tommy all the time.

Artist Nicholas W Skyles has designed a "poster" and a new way to read Tommy's mind. Click on the pic and see the new way of looking at the Multiverse.

Meanwhile, MetaFilter is discussing Skyles' work and the Multiverse itself. And I've put in a little bit of Tommy history.

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Fringe to X-Files [Dec. 16th, 2009|08:42 am]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored

1) In the Fringe episode, "A New Day In The Old Town", Boyle is questioned by a Congressional board. The chairman talks about "The old X-designation"and the "Fringe investigation".

2) In the same episode "The X-Files" can also be seen playing on the TV in the background in the episode where the shape-shifter is shown to kill his first victim.
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A New St. Elsewhere Connection? Also more Kelley and some Homicide. [Dec. 16th, 2009|11:46 am]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
[mood |geeky]

Months go by without a find, then they start falling in your lap while you were not even looking - anyway, here goes ...

The Practice episode, "The Firm" (#165) has a belated guest appearance by Gina Gershon playing Glenn Hall from Snoops which was a David E. Kelley show in 1999 (10 broadcast, 3 unaired).

And according to imdb, episode #18 of Throb (48 episodes, 1985-1987) has an appearance by Stephen Furst, playing Dr. Axelrod of St. Elsewhere fame (caveat: no first name is given, but the timeframe fits, so this is good enough for me so far).

Also, if anybody is interested I´ll throw in the live appearances of the Second Shift characters on HLOTS:

Grifasi, Joe (Lt. Walter Neal) : Homicide: Life on the Street: „Closet Cases” (#86/ 2-Jan-1998)
Guyer, Murphy (Det. L.Z. Austin) : Homicide: Life on the Street: „Homicide.com” (#113/ 5-Feb-1999)
Ornstein, Michael (Det. Tony Bonaventura) : Homicide: Life on the Street: „Abduction” (#94/ 27-Mar-1998), „Homicide.com” (#113/ 5-Feb-1999)
Thomas, Raymond Anthony (Det. Layton ‘Lee’ Johnson) : Homicide: Life on the Street: „Abduction” (#94/ 27-Mar-1998)

Now if someone could provide me with a Second Shift webisode and guest cast list ...
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French L&O cancellation ? [Dec. 15th, 2009|09:58 am]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
It appears that the French version of L&O:CI, Parie Enquêtes Criminelle has been cancelled.

Vincent Perez has left the show. There were three seasons produced with a total of 20 episodes (8, 8, and 4, respectively); the final episode was broadcast in 2008.
And Richard Belzer did not appear as You-Know-Who.

Since my French is almost non-existent, can anybody confirm this?
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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2009|08:47 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
[mood |hyperhyper]

On March 5, 1976, the TV movie, JOYS, was broadcast. The plot concerns numerous comedians, starring as themselves, found floating face-down in Bob Hope´s swimming pool (don´t ask). It was Groucho Marx´ final screen appearance, and he was reportedly not happy about it.

However, several then-famous TV detectives investigated (in vain, one might add) and thhus contributed vastly to the ever-growing Westphall MIndscape:

"Mannix" (already in),
"Police Woman" Pepper Anderson (adding her "Police Story" pilot and something called "Ringo" to the mix),
Theo "Kojak" (with his 70s show and seven more feature-long episodes in the eighties),
Detective "Fish" (of "Barney Miller" fame and also starring in his own show),
world-weary "Harry O",
and, in an impossible timeframe, "Ellery Queen".

... reminding us of "Alias Jesse James" with a similart plethora of Western characters, another Bob Hope vehicle.
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Another Homicide Crossover [May. 27th, 2009|10:01 am]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
[mood |pleasedpleased]

According to Tom Myers'  LO:SVU site, the season finale will guest star Carol Kane reprising her role of Gwen Munch, one of John´s ex-wives who appeared previously in H:LOTS ep. #85 ("All is Bright"), way back in 1997.

This is what makes that whole crossover business so interesting.
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What about the Pope? [Oct. 8th, 2008|02:51 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored
This may be a moot point since the ascension of Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger to the Holy Seat as Pope Benedict XVI since he bears no resemblance at all to Pope John Paul II. And I know that I have stated differently in a previous thread. But ...

Gene Greytak played Pope John Paul II on - at least - ALF, Ally McBeal, Golden Girls, Picket Fences, SISTER ACT, The Wayans Brothers and numerous others, no doubt. Sometimes credited, sometimes un.

Would he count as a crossover link?

And which shows are missing from the above list?
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Community Notice [Jul. 11th, 2008|08:42 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored

[Tags|, ]

tommywestphall  is now open to posts by all members of the community.

New Community Information is available on the community's profile page and copied below.

New Members are welcome, but will need to be accepted by the moderator.

Posting by your maintainers has dried up in the last twelve months, while discussion continued in old threads. Any information posted there may be transfered into new community posts, allowing all members an opportunity to discuss these crossover connections.

This new policy is designed to encourage up-to-date discussion.

Community Information: (11/07/08)

The old versions of the Westphall Universe PDFs will remain accessible for downloading, but will not be updated in the near future.

I do plan on continuing to update this spreadsheet list of Tommy Westphall shows, though even now it is almost twelve months out-of-date. Future posts by all community members should seek to flesh out this list.

Thanks for your attention.

ETA: The Law & Order spreadsheet has been updated for the upcoming 19th season, scheduled to air in 2009.
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What's Alan Watching? [Feb. 15th, 2008|03:04 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored

[Tags|, ]


At least he will be now, with the search on for 8,000 Degrees of John Munch...
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Upholding LAW & Keeping ORDER [Aug. 6th, 2007|07:59 pm]
Tommy Westphall's Mind: A Multiverse Explored

[mood |geeky]

The Law & Order franchise just keeps on ticking. The mothership will launch its 18th Season in January 2008. Special Victims Unit is entering its ninth season. And Criminal Intent will be back for season seven - airing on the USA Network before getting a run on NBC.

The Law & Order Cast Spreadsheet has been my little baby for a long time now - after finding an embryonic version of it online way back when.

Over its eighteen seasons, the original series has had twenty-six different cast members. Eleven in the last four seasons alone - including two new recruits for the coming year: Jeremy Sisto as Detective Cyrus Lupo to partner Detective Green and Linus Roache to play EADA Michael Cutter, taking Sam Waterson's position in the series paradigm... while Waterston's Jack McCoy fills the role of District Attorney.

Law & Order is the longest running series still on air in the Tommy Westphall Universe. The original twenty-six year run of Doctor Who takes the longest-running drama title... at least until we fold in those recent daytime soap opera additions.
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