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On March 5, 1976, the TV movie, JOYS, was broadcast. The plot concerns numerous comedians, starring as themselves, found floating face-down in Bob Hope´s swimming pool (don´t ask). It was Groucho Marx´ final screen appearance, and he was reportedly not happy about it.

However, several then-famous TV detectives investigated (in vain, one might add) and thhus contributed vastly to the ever-growing Westphall MIndscape:

"Mannix" (already in),
"Police Woman" Pepper Anderson (adding her "Police Story" pilot and something called "Ringo" to the mix),
Theo "Kojak" (with his 70s show and seven more feature-long episodes in the eighties),
Detective "Fish" (of "Barney Miller" fame and also starring in his own show),
world-weary "Harry O",
and, in an impossible timeframe, "Ellery Queen".

... reminding us of "Alias Jesse James" with a similart plethora of Western characters, another Bob Hope vehicle.

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