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I'm finally sifting through old emails, LJ notifications and tommywestphall to make sense of all the suggestions and queries since our last major update... six months ago!

Here we go...

Thanks to Thom Holbrook's site - details to a fully-fledged crossover between CSI: New York and Cold Case

Morley Cigarettes grabs four more series:

  • Nash Bridges
  • Prison Break
  • Space Above and Beyond
  • That 70s Show

The fictional Los Angeles Tribune brings in (via Lou Grant, which is already on the grid):

  • Columbo
  • Moonlighting
  • 24
  • Matt Huston
  • Wonder Woman
  • Remington Steele
  • City of Angels
  • Burke's Law (1994)

Columbo then brings in Mrs Columbo (and the various series she morphed into)

Moonlighting crossed over with Hart to Hart

Burke's Law (1994)
brings in its predecessors Burke's Law and Amos Burke - Secret Agent

The fictional Hudson University (originating with Law & Order) brings in:

  • Tru Calling
  • Without a Trace
(To answer a recent question, Hudson University also connects to the DC Universe series devised by Bruce Timm, as well as the DC comic universe itself)

The fictional Trans-Global Airlines (which actually originated in the Airport film series but got a mention on Matlock) brings in:

  • Young and the Restless
  • All My Children
  • Emergency

and possibly Quincy ME

Thanks to tele_toby and his research, we find...

The Young and the Restless brings in The Bold and the Beautiful and As the World Turns

All My Children
brings in General Hospital, One Life to Live, Port Charles and Loving

brings in Sierra and Adam 12

Adam 12 brings in Dragnet and Dragnet 67 (anyone know if Dragnet 67 is connected to the two revivals in the 80s and 90s?)


The Double Meat Corporation links Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the short-lived Andy Barker P.I.

The planet Gallifrey links Doctor Who with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which brings in the live action series Ninja Turtles the Next Mutation

And, finally, things that don't count...

Bernie Kopell did not appear as his Love Boat character on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, even though his character name was Doc

Columbo is not connected to Magnum P.I.

And the fictional magazine The National Inquisitor is currently being left out of the Westphall-verse to allow for more research on the subject.

That's an additional 35 series. The Grid and Key have not been updated yet. Let's discuss this compiled list and see if they have unearthed any further connections to expand the Tommy Westphall Universe.
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Tommy in Melbourne...

The Green Guide in Melbourne's The Age newspaper today discusses a crossover between Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas. It discusses crossovers in general - why they happen, when they work best - and then discusses the Tommy Westphall theory and the site.

The writer's conclusion: "So [Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas] don't really exist. And thank God for that because they are awful."

Read the full article under the cut. Thanks to paulbot for transcribing it...

Critic's View
Lucy Beaumont

This was going to be a simple discussion about crossover appearances.
About how networks and producers stuck for ideas regularly pluck one
or two characters from one show and temporarily insert them into

Collapse )

In other news, if The Simpsons counted, then 24 would be part of the Westphall Universe madness - with Keifer Sutherland appearing as Jack Bauer on a recent episode, "24 Minutes".

But animated series don't count. I wonder if Prime Time animated series should...

Inside the mind of Tommy Westphall

The Guardian blog discusses our friend Tommy in a particularly lucid post on the subject.

And how grateful am I that Six Objections to the Westphall Hypothesis exists? Because at least then bloggers everywhere can sight that without succumbing to the madness.

Plus I don't have to answer stupid email objections - I just point people there and say I've read it all before.

More Wanderers...

Well, time flies when... well, time just flies.

Our good friend johnmunch sent us an update to his Westphall's Wanderers project months and months ago and I never got around to uploading it onto the site. So now that the 2006-07 season has come to an end, I waited until the project was further updated and now I've uploaded the entire thing here.

The Wanderers list keeps track of actual character crossovers between series, specifically listing the when and where - while our Key explains the whys and hows.

Additions to this update include Blossom, Civil Wars, Day by Day, I Dream of Jeannie, the very short-lived Public Morals and the very long-lived and still-running ER.

Enjoy! And one day, we'll update the Grid and the Key, too.
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More West Wing/Studio 60

I noticed, and truthbealiar did too, in tonight's episode of Studio 60 the name of a familiar legal firm.

The blonde lawyer on tonight's 60 works for Gage Whitney, the same firm Sam Seaborn worked for on The West Wing before working with the President.

This is more proof that Sorkin loves to recycle names and dialogue. Again on 60 tonight, Matt's assistant said "I go home when you go home." Which is just as lovely a sentiment now as when Margaret said it to Leo on The West Wing.

Now, it's impossible to reconcile President Bush with President Bartlett - but Munch dealing with alien conspiracies on The X Files doesn't exactly fit in neatly with Homicide either...

Still not connected to Tommy, though.

ETA: The OC/Grey's Anatomy connection in thread... (also Non-Tommy so far...)
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Non-Tommy Crossover: The West Wing/Studio 60

I always loved the fact that The West Wing took place in its own hermetically sealed universe - even though I would have loved the characters on ER to have left work to vote in the fictional 2006 election between Matt Santos and Arnold Vinnick.

And, so far, Studio 60 has avoided actual crossovers - though it looks like Sorkin might be pushed into marketing crossovers, with Masi Oka of Heroes appearing this week.

But now we have proof that Sorkin's two babies connect to each other.

Note the "Bartlet for America" poster on the wall in this screencap of a Studio 60 office.

Collapse )

Now if only we can connect to Sorkin's third series, Sports Night... then Tommy will have some new friends to play with!

ETA: Maybe it doesn't count? Discussion of Bush and 9/11 references in the comments...

Update at last...

The Tommy Westphall Universe has expanded. By 46 shows!

It's been four and a half months since our last update and the community has worked overtime digging up new connections to the Tommyverse.

The new TV season has already introduced Heroes and The Game.

The Doctor Who canon flies in... bringing along K9 and Company, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The CSI franchise finds itself connected to The X-Files through the fictional Morley cigarettes.

ABC's TGIF sitcoms wander in to send us mods crazy... Seriously, no one should know this much about Sabrina, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, etc, etc. And etc... there's a lot of those suckers!

Although the most bizarre connection is this, a show called Out of the Blue:

Out of the Blue was a spin-off of Happy Days in which Chachi’s guardian angel Random got his own show set in the (then) present day where Random tried to live as a human. (note: due to oddities of scheduling Out of the Blue actually started airing before the episode of Happy Days meant to introduce Random aired. By the time the episode of Happy Days with Random aired Out of the Blue was already on the air and the character was not new. So Random’s appearance on Happy Days is both a crossover episode and a backdoor pilot for a show that was already on the air.)

Mork of Mork and Mindy visited Random on Out of the Blue. The two were old friends, Mork’s home planet of Ork was right next to Heaven (where Random was from)


Yes, Ork was right next to Heaven! Figure that out, television theologians!

Well, here it is... a full list of forty-six additions:
Collapse )

 Thanks to everyone who contributed to lots and lots of threads over the last few months. The

tommywestphall hive mind works wonders!


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The Wire joins the Tommyverse

In the episode of The Wire that aired last night on HBO ("That's Got His Own") there was a crossover with Homicide. In the episode last night Collapse )

So, The Wire will be added to the grid on the next update (which is coming soon I promise (blame me not crossoverman, I'm the hold up)). Making this the first time in at least a year that a show has been added right to the core of the grid instead of out on the fringes.